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Talent is an important resource for enterprises. The company provides the most suitable growth environment and the most extensive development space for every employee who pursues their career dreams, maximizes the intelligence and talents of employees, and realizes the organic unity of employees' life value and enterprise value.

1. Process Engineer (2 people)

Requirements: Undergraduate majors such as metal materials and metallurgical engineering; more than 3 years working experience; familiar with relevant process principles, rich experience in process technology; strong analytical and problem solving skills; good communication skills and collaborative spirit.

2, product development / technical support (3)

Requirements: Undergraduate majors such as metal materials and metallurgical engineering; have good team spirit and strong innovation ability; have strong ability to discover, analyze and solve problems.

3. Mechanical Engineer (3)

Requirements: Mechanical manufacturing and process related majors, bachelor degree or above, more than two years of work experience, eager to learn, teamwork awareness and hard work.

4. Electrical Engineer (2 people)

Requirements: Undergraduate majors such as electrical automation, mechatronics; 2 years of work experience; master PLC programming and control, familiar with automatic control is preferred.

5. Foreign Trade Commissioner (2 persons)

Requirements: International trade or English undergraduate major; 2 years of foreign trade work experience; English 6 (including) or above, strong oral and written communication skills; able to independently undertake foreign affairs reception activities translation work;

6. Accounting (2 people)

Requirements: Undergraduate majors such as accounting and financial management; hold CPA certificate; have more than 5 years working experience in financial accounting, financial management, financial analysis and financial forecasting; familiar with national financial and tax laws and regulations; familiar with the financial operation process of listed companies; Skilled in applying financial office software.

7, security administrator (2 people)

Specialized in safety engineering, chemical engineering, etc., more than 2 years working experience in large and medium-sized chemical companies.

8, network administrator (2 people)

Specialized in computer and network maintenance, with more than 2 years of work experience.