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Henan Yuanyang Powder Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales of aluminum powder and aluminum-based alloy powder. In the process of production and operation, the company fully implements the national laws on the safety management of hazardous chemicals. Regulations and policies stipulate, and establish a corporate security committee to arrange the company's safety, fire protection, environmental protection and occupational protection as the first work of the company's Tianzi.

Every year, the company strives to improve the staff's emergency response capability, organizes all staff safety, fire protection, environmental rescue emergency plan drills; organizes safety production education and training at all levels, conducts safety knowledge contests, etc., continuously improves the safety awareness of all employees; Process risk assessment work, to improve the company's essential safety management level; organize the investigation and management of hidden dangers on production operations, and strive to eliminate unsafe behaviors of people and the unsafe state of materials. At the same time, leverage the wisdom of security experts to strengthen corporate security risks. Investigate governance capabilities; gradually promote occupational health management to effectively prevent and control occupational hazards. Since the establishment of the company, there have been no serious (special) major safety accidents, occupational health, environmental pollution and other accidents.