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Our two integration management system implementation will be successfully held

Our two integration management system implementation will be successfully held

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  On April 26, our company organized and held the implementation meeting of the integration management system. Ma shijun, chairman of the board of directors, leading group and promoting group attended the meeting.

  To carry on further study two integration management system standard, the amalgamation, jitc work smoothly, chairman of the club representative company appointed two integration management system management representative and the management system about set up two fusion, jitc the decision of the leadership team and jitc promote team ", and announced that two integration management system, jitc work official start.

  At the meeting, zhongping information consulting co., LTD.

  Ma shijun stressed that the deep application of industrialization and informatization is the key to the survival and development of enterprises, and we should fully realize the importance of the integrated management system of the two to the development and transformation of enterprises. In the process of the establishment of the two-oriented and integrated management system, we should attach great importance to, fully participate in, strengthen learning, strengthen the two-oriented and integrated management awareness, and understand the concept and principles of the two-oriented and integrated management system. Through this standard implementation activity, we will cultivate a number of backbone teams who are not only familiar with the company's business operation process, but also have the professional management level of the integration of the two, and can adapt to the current "Internet +" era characteristics, and constantly improve the company's industrialization and informatization integration management level.