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Our company "celebrate May 1st, welcome May 4th" staff sports meeting closed smoothly

Our company "celebrate May 1st, welcome May 4th" staff sports meeting closed smoothly

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  In order to warmly celebrate " May Day " international labor day and " may fourth " youth day, to further enrich the cultural and sports life of the majority of employees, show their spiritual outlook, and create a good holiday atmosphere, on April 22, our company launched " celebrate May Day, welcome may fourth " staff spring games. This sports meeting, a total of 4 events, respectively is tug-of-war competition, jump rope competition, table tennis relay and 3v3 basketball game.

  In this sports meeting, all the participating staff to the spirit of vigorous and tenacious struggle to show the demeanor of the ocean people. At the closing ceremony, deputy general manager li-li chang pointed out that, in the hope that all staff of the sports meeting solidarity, hard working, optimistic upward, continue to maintain and carry forward the spirit of determined to forge ahead, the strong will of sport, and the soaring drive competition consciousness into the future work, make your body more healthy, thought more progress, behavior more standardized, more outstanding. With high morale, a new attitude and full of passion to write a new chapter of our ocean, ocean to create a better tomorrow and strive!