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Our company carries out 2019 annual "safety production month" series activities

Our company carries out 2019 annual "safety production month" series activities

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   June 2019 is the 18th production safety month. In order to promote and educate the "  production safety month ", further strengthen the safety awareness of employees and improve the safety quality of employees,  our company has launched a series of safety production month activities with the theme of " preventing risks,  eliminating hidden dangers and preventing accidents ".

   The main contents of this activity are as follows: first, around the theme of the month of production safety, carry out publicity activities of safety laws, regulations and rules; Second, carry out production safety signature activities; Third, hire security experts to carry out investigation activities of our company's security risks; Fourth, the organization of safety education and training activities; Fifth, carry out "one person, one checklist" activities; Sixth, to carry out accident contingency plan exercise activities; Seventh,  organize comprehensive work safety inspection activities.

   "Production safety month" series activities are an effective means to promote the construction of production safety culture and improve the safety literacy of all employees. Through the implementation of a series of activities, the atmosphere of "production safety month" activities is constantly created to further enhance the safety awareness of all employees. During the activity, all the company's management staff and staff actively participate in, through the big screen, WeChat, propaganda boards, propaganda slogans and other media, expand the event's audience and influence, achieve full coverage of safety publicity no blind spots, in the company to create a strong safety atmosphere.

   After the activities of "safety production month", the safety management committee of the company will summarize experience and praise the typical ones, so as to promote the safety by month and year and promote the work level of safety continuously.



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